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A lawn can make or break your home’s curb appeal. Be the positive talk of the neighborhood with our weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing service. Our mission is to put the “pro” back into lawn care. Give us a try to see for yourself why many are switching to a better service.

Our Pricing Is Fair.

We charge based on your total turf square footage, not your lot size!

Our Staff is Trained to Perform the Following Steps at Every Lawn Care Service:

  1. Mow all turf areas with 21” commercial grade, mulching lawn mowers. (We sharpen the blades regularly.)
  2. Edge sidewalks and driveways with steel blade edger.
  3. Line trim planting beds, fences, trees, A/C units, etc.
  4. Clean-up sidewalk, driveway, and patio areas.
  5. Alternate the mowing direction each week: horizontal, vertical, and diagonal.

Corinth Lawn Company’s pricing competes with other “Mow & Blow” lawn care company pricing; but, we offer much more care and service for our lawn care service. This attention to detail will always benefit our lawn care service customers.

Our Corinth Lawn Company’s lawn care service offers more than just lawn mowing. It also comes with:

  • Reliability – Your lawn care service will be done the same day each week, weather permitting
  • Lawn Care Service Discounts for Senior Citizens (over 65)
  • Proactive Management – We answer our phones and return calls.
  • A Quality Control Team to address any issues that you may have with the lawn care service
  • Convenient Billing
  • No Contracts & Easy Set-up (No one-time services)
  • Secure Privacy and Payment Information
  • Well-Maintained Equipment – All lawn care service equipment is maintained per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Insurance – Yes, we carry liability insurance for you and our protection.

Important Disclaimers:

  • To keep our lawn care service prices low, we determine the actual lawn care service day by our service routes and density.
  • All lawn care service is subject to our Terms of Service.
  • All lawn care services prices above do not include applicable sales tax, as required by Texas Law.

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